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What are anxiety disorders?

You would be wondering why I have decided to start my blog with a rambling piece of conversation. Sounds a bit familiar doesn’t it? Many people have dealt with similar moments of anxiety in their life. I am sure quite a few of those who will read this blog have gone through something similar themselves. It might not necessarily be the exact same scenario but something similar like a job interview or a doctor’s appointment.

Everybody has gone through anxiety in different stages of their life. Sometimes however you will find that all you are capable of doing is be anxious. When you are dealing with persistent overwhelming feelings of anxiety then it’s symptomatic of anxiety disorder. In this blog we look to understand the how anxiety disorders work and how they can be overcome with Xanax 0.5mg medications.

What are anxiety disorders?

It’s important to not confuse general everyday anxiety with an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is an ailment in which people experience frequent and suffocating symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety being felt is not just psychologically troubling but can also cause physical symptoms like
  1. Twitches;
  2. Tremors;
  3. Muscle tension;
  4. Muscle pain;
  5. Insomnia;
  6. Headache.

Anxiety disorders can be further classified as

GAD or generalized anxiety disorder
Patients suffering from this type of anxiety disorder have to deal with content disproportionate worries about topics that would often seem routine.
Social anxiety disorder
In this type of anxiety disorder a person is faced with crippling fears when dealing with everyday social situations.
People dealing with this type of anxiety disorder are faced with constant fears that are triggered by a particular incident or object.
Panic disorder
In this type of anxiety disorder patients dealing with sudden often expected feelings of terror or panic attacks.

Xanax and anxiety

White Xanax or alprazolam is probably one of the most popularly prescribed anti-anxiety medications in the world. Alprazolam belongs to group of medications known as ben-zo-dia-ze-pines. Alprazolam works on the central nervous system and slows down the excitable state of the brain doing moments of anxiety by enhancing the GABA activity. One of most popular aspects of using alprazolam is that it’s extremely fat acting unlike other anxiety medications. So patients taking alprazolam will quite often experience a rapid reduction in the physical as well as emotional symptoms of anxiety. Many a time’s doctors prescribed Xanax for sleep because of the fact that it’s a strong sedative.

Other effects produced by alprazolam include

  • Hypnotic;
  • Anti-anxiety;
  • Anti-seizure;
  • Muscle relaxant.
It’s important to remember when taking alprazolam medications that it can be habit forming if taken in excess which is why patients must strictly adhere to the dosage guidelines.
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